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What’s a Beacon?

It’s kind of like a lighthouse: it repeatedly transmits a single signal that other devices can see. Instead of emitting visible light, though, it broadcasts a radio signal that is made up of a combination of letters and numbers transmitted on a regular interval of approximately 1/10th of a second. A Bluetooth-equipped device like a smartphone can “see” a beacon once it’s in range, much like sailors looking for a lighthouse to know where they are. Check beacon solution

A Beacon System For Various Scenarios

Apps designed for one location can easily be run in many others. Our easy-to-install location intelligence software can deliver personalized experiences at scale.


Our main areas of expertise


We provide beacon hardware and the backend systems for efficient management of them. From 1 MOKOBeacon to 100,000 MOKOBeacons, we can help you to deploy and manage them all. We also have systems for controlling hardware via MOKOBeacons to automate tasks and create added layers of interactions.


We create professional MOKOBeacon enabled apps, that engage the user and help them to make the decisions that support your brand.


MOKOBeacon was founded in 2011. In here, an outstanding R&D team, with many years of professional background, contributes to product software and hardware development. We are experts in the technology and can help you to understand how your business can use it to develop innovative experiences. Whether you want to discuss an idea, or are looking for ideas, we can help.

Beacons are the next step in the digital revolution. Transforming how we connect the digital with the physical.

Joe Bryan
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